Artem Gassan

Entrepreneur in Residence

  •  San Francisco CA
- Founder of 4 startups with 2 M&A exits, alumni of 500 Startups “Batch 8”. - 4+ years of early-stage investing at Upshift Partners - Created a predictable revenue model for portfolio companies such as Sunpower, Breezeworks, Funbox. Generated $10MM in pipeline revenue for Sunpower. Managed over 50 sales reps in a distributed call center environment. - 500 Startups mentor for over 4 years, advising for over 50+ portfolio companies. Core specialty: sales enablement, scaling strategies, demand and lead generation, sales process optimization, closing. - Passionate about discovering and supporting talented entrepreneurs and helping them to accelerate revenue and achieve high growth. - Artem has +4 years of early-stage investing and founder of 4 startups with 2 exits. - Former Partner and EIR at Upshift Partners and 500 Startups investing, scaling sales and revenue for over 50+ portfolio companies and reviewed over 1,000 investments. - An active member in the triathlon community, finishing over 8 Ironman events